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ECI Working Group Project Work Product and Deliverables

ECI Membership Survey

Role: Survey Co-creator, Data Compilation and Analysis for White Paper

ECI Fellows Meeting July 2021: Live/Online Interactive

PowerPoint created by WG Team Leader

Role: Co-Presenter, Toolkit Site (still in development at this date)

Working Group Paper Published January 2022

Roles: Internal Factors Team Contributor: Research, Content Contribution, Final Content Editing Team, Design and Layout Advisor; Toolkit Content Creator and Contributor

WG Project Description from ECI site

Working Group Companion Toolkit:
Stress Readiness, Responsiveness and Resiliency Actions + Awareness Toolkit
Role: Project Team Lead, Site Design, Research, and Content Development

Note: In a mutual decision, instead of taking ownership of the Site, ECI gave full control of the Toolkit to us while offering their full support.

Toolkit Project Introductory Videos
Roles: Script Creation, Audio/Video Recording and Editing

ECI Connects Membership Community Forum: 
Readiness, Responsiveness and Resiliency Actions + Awareness Learning Group

Roles: Content Contributor and Forum Moderator

ECI Connects Membership Community Forum: 
Readiness, Responsiveness and Resiliency Actions + Awareness Webinars and Live Guided Practices for Building Stress Resiliency

Roles: Webinar Creator, Guided Practice Script Creation, SME Guest Coordinator, Live/Online Presenter

Note: Webinar and Guided Practice replays are not available for public viewing. Screenshots and PowerPoints for two examples of my LiveStorm Live/Online Interactive presentations are provided, as well as a Screenshot of an example of a talk from a SME Guest Presenter.

Click the image to download the WP


Click the image to go to Toolkit website

This is a Private Membership Community and cannot be
linked to for public 

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