The Integrity Habit™
Embodying TrustWorthiness in Your Personal and Professional Life

"It's not the honors and the prizes and the fancy outsides of life which ultimately nourish our souls. It's the knowing that we can be trusted, that we never have to fear the truth, that the bedrock of our very being is good stuff." - Fred Rogers

While my older TIH blog posts will remain here on-sitethis newsletter/column/blog project is being hosted on,
which is a platform for writers.
Membership is free.
You can take it for a test drive before signing up to receive it via email, or choose to read it on the Substack site. 

I will post new content twice a month, and provide a variety of columns, guided practices, audio and recorded talks/lectures/presentations, and relevant quotes for "in the moment" inspiration and motivation.

There will be several Thematic Series we'll visit regularly, including:
The Big Questions | Who Are You Really? | Owning Your Own Mind 

I won't compose all the content though, as there are so many wonderful educators whose contributions on living a life
with an unshakeable Habit of Integrity, and Embodying TrustWorthiness in Your Personal and Professional Life
that I'd be remiss if I didn't share their voices, and link to their articles, posts and events.