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Workplace Stress Readiness, Responsiveness & Resiliency Skills & Tools:
Preventing Ethical Risks & Adapting to Change

In the autumn of 2020 when it was abundantly obvious the global COVID pandemic was having wide-ranging impacts on businesses of all sizes as well as their employees and stakeholders, the Ethics and Compliance Initiative established a Working Group to research and produce a White Paper titled "Positioning Ethics and Compliance as a Strategic Leader in Times of Stress or Crisis." As an ECI member, I was thrilled to join this project.


Our Working Group was initially spilt into two subgroups focused upon researching both Internal and External factors. As contributing team members, both myself and fellow Team Member Kalwant Kaur (who both have extensive experience in the area of educating about the adverse impacts that chronic stress and pressure has upon individuals, teams, leadership, and overall workplace culture has upon mind-body-spirit well-being) proposed that unaddressed/improperly addressed workplace stress also creates an ethical risk to any business. We insisted that education about the harmful multi-level impacts of chronic high-level stress be a component of our project in the form of a learning resources Toolkit. However, root causes of chronic workplace stress must also be addressed, and not simply recommend "band-aid" remedies to soothe the symptoms, and leave the challenge of "managing it" squarely upon the shoulders of the employees themselves.

It became clear early on that including this information in the White Paper would make it unwieldily in both size and scope. Our Working Group Team proposed to ECI that we create a companion Toolkit website that would provide comprehensive information about stress, pressure, anxiety, and burnout, as well as recommending a "whole systems" approach to teach E&C professionals how to address root causes of workplace stress and pressure. ​While we worked within our individual subgroups to produce the White Paper, Kalwant and I slowly also built the Toolkit Site to provide a roadmap for how anyone can truly be a Strategic Leader in Times of Stress or Crisis.


Instead of hosting the site itself within their own, ECI gave Kalwant and I full control of the Toolkit while offering their complete support. Now that the White Paper has been completed and published, we are offering an on-going internal learning and practice program exclusively for ECI members. However, this Toolkit is also now available to the public, and we welcome inquiries regarding its implementation. 

Awareness of the Challenges is the first step; however without corresponding synergistic Actions, chronic workplace stress will remain an ongoing issue that left unaddressed will lead to a continuation of an unhealthy status quo.

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Watch the Two-Part Awareness + Actions Video Presentation"Building Organizational Readiness, Responsiveness and Resiliency" I created for the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI) RRR Membership Community as a companion to this Working Group Paper and Toolkit - free for all to join.