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Specialized Team and Workplace "Life Smarts" Learning Experiences

 and One-To-One Advising and Consulting

For Crafting and Supporting Healthy, Harmonious and Humane Workplaces

Workplace Behavioral Ethics System Upgrades

Compliance is what a business has to do. Ethics are what a business chooses to do.

Building a Harmonious Workplace Culture

"There Is No Inclusion or  Belonging Without Kindness"


Stress Readiness, Responsiveness & Resiliency Preventing Risks & Adapting to Change

Is your organization rolling the dice when it comes to workplace stress?

Stressed Woman

Customized "Life Smarts" Leadership, Team, and Workplace Trainings: Development, Design and Delivery

Private Talks and Public Speaking  |  Subject Matter Expertise

Individual & Team Stress and Change Readiness, Responsiveness, & Resiliency


≈ Reputational Risk Awareness 


≈ Mindful Awareness
Life Skills and Social Mindfulness 

Effective Interpersonal Communication 

≈ Growth & Outward Mindsets

Workplace Culture Behavioral Ethics/Ethical Decision Making 

≈  Workplace Psychological Safety: 
Beyond "Speaking Up & Listening"


≈  Adaptive Leadership:
Navigating the Waters of Change 

≈  DEIB Team Harmony Building

≈ Healthy Self-Care & Sustainable
Behavioral Habit Change 

≈ Code of Conduct Upgrades


≈  Emotional & Social Intelligence


≈ Psychological First Aid


≈ Mitigating Interpersonal Conflict

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