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"Soft"/Adaptive and Technical Skillsets



The Number One Things To Know About Me: I possess unbreakable personal and professional ethics and integrity, high standards of performance and creative excellence regardless of the size and scope of any task or project, and treat everyone (regardless of who they are) with dignity, respect, fairness, honesty, and an acknowledgment of our shared humanity, despite any individual differences.


To compliment my B.A. in Psychology, I obtained an additional B.A. in Organizational Leadership to enhance my learning and teaching skills, and to inspire students and clients to always want to learn more, to always be curious and want to refine and expand upon what they know, and to always realize that we all lead by the influence and example we extend in every situation, interaction and moment - and that there no unimportant situations, interactions, or moments.


When working in the capacity of Learning Experience Design (LXD) Project Team Leader, I insist upon everyone checking their ego at the door; treating all stakeholders with equal respect; no interpersonal drama; upholding a spirit of collaboration where each contributors ideas are met with respect; bringing your best to every Learning Project, and zero tolerance for cutthroat competition mindsets. As a Learning Project team member, I also hold those same values. My mottos are "Own Your Impact, "Own Your Own Mind," and "Be Kind for a Change."

My leadership style is closely aligned with the Adaptive Leadership model developed by Heifetz and Linsky, and the Psychological Safety models of Dr. Edmondson and Dr. Clark. I have strong stress and resiliency skills education and experience to aid in navigating the often chaotic waters of change, and the impacts it has upon people and processes. My years of expertise in Mindful Awareness Life Skills helps me to train individuals and teams to learn how to calmly respond and not knee-jerk react to whatever stressful stimulus that comes their way, and the skills of Social Mindfulness to help build cultural community cohesion and harmony.

I believe in a non "woo-woo" way that human energy is contagious, and the beliefs, thoughts, emotions, mindsets, and attitudes we possess can be positive or negative contagions, particularly when it comes to workplace culture and groupthink behavior. We all have what I call the "human superpower" of Choice, regardless of what happens to us, and that challenges can be opportunities for deep self-reflection, increased self-awareness, growth and evolution, and can even bring us gifts and blessings if we allow ourselves to see them that way, and to act accordingly. While I am a positive and forward-thinking person, I don't engage in "toxic positivity" or spew platitudes and buzzwords to give an appearance of being some "enlightened" guru, and my own experiences of power abuse from those with narcissistic tendencies have taught me how not to lead - and to always be humble, courageous, grateful, and kind, and yet also assertive, strong, and confident.

Learning Perspectives:

I am an artist and educator, not a technician. Writing and storytelling is my art. Technology allows me to share my skills, gifts, and talents. I do not use Artificial Intelligence to generate written content. 

Training is something - but learning is everything. (Also, I share the opinion of many in my profession that animals are trained, and humans are taught, so I'm not fond of the title of "Trainer.")

In my experience, Adaptive Challenges are where the growth lies. It's also a Grand Adventure.

We all make mistakes and sometimes fall down. The only failure in Life is not getting back up and going forward.

I refuse to indulge and enable short attention spans or a lazy desire to be entertained.

I will never tell anyone just what they want to hear. 

My “Secret Sauce”: Infusing love, humor, empathy, compassion, curiosity, adventure and humanity into every Learning Experience.

Advice to Students: Stay Curious, Be Humble, Never Stop Learning, Always Bring Your Best ... and Just Do the Work.

"Soft"/Adaptive Skills:

In addition to the above (and in no particular order), I have a great sense of humor, fun-loving, friendly, open, strong work ethic, patient, possess excellent communication skills and can talk with just about anyone; detail-oriented, flexible, love problem-solving, willing to admit mistakes and learn from them  -  and to take ownership and responsibility to make corrections and amends when needed; organized and deadline-driven

Specific Technical Skills and Experience:

• A decade + of Learning Experience Project Development, Design and Delivery 
• A quick study who enjoys acquiring new skillsets, and improving upon existing ones 

• Outstanding engaging content writing and superb editing skills 

• Instructional Design Theory for adults learning in a professional environment
• Needs and Gap analysis

• Interviewing, surveys and focus groups

• Course/Training Project Management, Planning/Learning Flow, and Delivery Timelines
• In-depth, concise, and detail-oriented C
ourse/Training subject research and development: strong reliance upon scientific, peer-reviewed data and insistence upon facts

• Ability to collaborate with SMEs as well as bring in my own Subject Matter Expertise

• Basic knowledge of accessibility requirements 
• Ability to craft and deliver trainings in person, online/interactive, hybrid, on-demand learning environments, and LMS delivery

• Script writing and storyboarding

• Learner Assessments

• Basic Website Design

• Content Management 

• Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel

• Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

• Zoom, Teams, LiveStorm online delivery

• Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate

• Audio and Video Screen Recording & Editing (Screenflow/Mac user for years; Camtasia is very similar so easy to adapt if needed) 

• Voice Talent and Podcasting

• Webinar and Panel Moderation

• Event Planning and Coordination

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