Audience and Lecturer

Workplace Adaptive Leadership and 
Behavioral Ethics Skills Trainings

ALL my Live/In Person and Hybrid Trainings were suspended during the Coronavirus pandemic.

It's been a challenging time for so many of us whose training and advising work is primarily conducted with people face-to-face. 

Like many of you, I was a high-risk person so I had to choose safety first. Fortunately during my downtime I invested in professional certification and volunteering for two (online) Working Group White Paper projects for the Ethics and Compliance Initiative (ECI).

I'm happy to say that in-person training and advising is now available to book for 2022; however, live attendance will be restricted to

COVID-safe environments. More details soon: in the mean time, please contact me with all inquiries. 


Uncompromised Impeccability:
Building a Sustainable Workplace
Habit of Integrity 

Live In-Person or Online

One Day Workshop

Stoney River
The Tao of Adaptive Leadership:
Navigating the Waters of Change with Integrity

Hybrid Live/In-Person
+ Online

Signing Contract
Starting Up Right™:
Individualized Ethical Code of Conduct + Core
Workplace Integrity and Behavioral Ethics

Adaptive Skills Trainings for New Businesses 

Hybrid Live/In-Person + Online Live/Interactive MasterClass

Stressed Woman

Organizational Readiness, Responsiveness and Resiliency Tools for
Preventing Company Risk & Adapting to Times of Stress & Change:
Strategies for Ensuring Workplace Integrity and TrustWorthiness

Hybrid Live/In-Person + Online Live/Interactive MasterClass