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Please note: ALL Live/In Person and Hybrid Trainings are temporarily suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Currently I've been re-formatting my trainings to adapt them to an online-only training environment
when required to ensure participant safety. Revised course descriptions are currently being finalized;
however every training you see listed below is now available for booking in 2021. New trainings are also in development.

In the mean time, feel free contact me with any questions you may have.

After leading exclusively online trainings for several years prior to the pandemic, I have already witnessed the limitations and challenges attendees can experience with a virtual platform. Yet I also know the internet provides the opportunity for trainings to be held with attendees from around the world, and reduce the costs inherent with in-person trainings, making essential skills acquisition more affordable for their company. Attendees also can benefit by having access to watch the replay of the live session, and not worry if they are unable to attend a class live due to circumstances that may arise - because life happens regardless of our plans and best intentions.


As more trainings are being brought online due to COVID-19,  and many teachers and students find themselves thrust into a medium they may not have a lot of experience with, we are hearing about "Zoom fatigue," attendee distractedness, discomfort of feeling they have to be "always on" and being randomly looked at by other attendees, engagement drop-off and other issues students express that had made me already shift to prefer live, in-person trainings.


Attendees like the high-touch 3D "realness" of a person leading a training, being able to look one another in the eyes, and the sense of camaraderie that is created during a live training. Honestly, it's my "happy place" -  and I deeply miss being in the same room with my students. I really miss the unity and hugs and the high-fives. I know students do too.

Unfortunately, until we get on top of COVID-19 and trainings can safely be delivered live and in-person (even in a hybrid format), we all need to adapt the best we can with the limitations of online classes, meetings and trainings, because the ongoing need to acquire new skills will not go away.

In fact, this pandemic has revealed the need is perhaps even greater now than ever.

Fortunately, after leading numerous online courses prior to COVID-19, I've already honed my online presence in order to "reach through the screen" when I lead online trainings, connect intimately and respectfully with students, and 

create opportunities to experience cohesion, interaction - and especially FUN. 

Circle of Colored Pencils Slanted

The Core Virtues of an
Ethically Intelligent Workplace


Live In-Person or Online

 Half Day Workshop

Stoney River
The Tao of Adaptive Leadership:


Hybrid Live/In-Person
+ Online

Signing Contract
Starting Up Right™:
Individualized Ethical Code of Conduct + Core Workplace
Behavioral Ethics
Skills Training for New Businesses 

Hybrid Live/In-Person + Online Live/Interactive MasterClass

Stressed Woman

Building Organizational Resiliency to Adapt to Times of Stress & Change:
Ethics & Compliance Strategies for Ensuring Workplace Integrity


Hybrid Live/In-Person + Online Live/Interactive MasterClass