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Be Kind For A Change® is my social awareness message media campaign created to help inspire one another to consciously and purposefully choose to frame every interaction, situation, and moment with kindness - and the positive ripple effect it has. While I agree that engaging in "random acts of kindness" is a spectacular idea, acting with kindness in our everyday lives, no matter who we are or what our sphere of influence may be is more than a random choice to do good deeds for others - it is a foundation for a life that is universally humane, ethical and inclusive. It shifts the focus from "me" to "we" - and feeling connected to collective humanity generates a deeper sense of meaning and purpose as a natural outcome. 

Because each item in every Zazzle shop is created on demand, to keep the selling cost as affordable as possible, items in my Zazzle shop are sold with a reasonable markup over my cost. They also have regular sales. Additionally, 50% of all sales are donated to - a humanitarian aid organization that "works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice." Every area of their work is something I support, and our financial donations are the way to help further their Mission and Vision. If you are able to do so, I also encourage you to donate to CARE directly. Thank you.

This is just an example of the items in the Shop, with more being added.
Most apparel has the image printed on the back. 
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