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Creating YOUR Code of Ethical, Equitable, and Harmonious Workplace Conduct:

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"Ethics can only be a proactive process. To be ethical is to focus on values, character, principles, etc what will give you a foundation to make those tough decisions, before they happen. If companies put as much time, effort and money into ethics training as they do for compliance training, develop proactive, ongoing training in both areas, maybe, just maybe, the way business is conducted, the way people are trained and treated, will take a major step in the ethical direction, which may help people choose to do right, rather than just make them do right." - Frank Bucaro, "The Intersection Where Compliance Meets Ethics,"

Although Ethics and Compliance matters are usually paired together, compliance is a legal function of business that addresses regulations, statues, etc. Compliance is what a business has to do. Ethics are what a business chooses to do.


Crafting a formal Code of Ethical, Equitable and Harmonious Workplace Conduct is a process that clearly guides all employees in honorable engagement with one another as well as management and leadership and all your company's stakeholders in a manner that is reflective of your businesses' transparently lived mission, vision and values that can effectively address potential behavioral ethics issues well before they become internal and public disasters. Now more than ever, the conduct and decision-making processes within your company are highly visible in a globally connected society. Both facts and mis-information travel at lightning speed, and the costs of an unethical culture are not just financial. 

You can be ethical yet not have a workplace culture that works together. Even if you have Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policy, if it doesn't address the underlying socio-political-cultural issues, biases, and discriminatory behaviors that adversely impact diverse groups of human beings, it's just a "check the box" initiative. Your Code of Workplace Conduct is the place where you define and shape what you stand up for - and what is unacceptable - and ensure there are no "grey areas."

“New or existing businesses: It’s never too soon to think big.”

If you have a “playing small” mindset, no matter what size your business is, you’ll never attain your biggest dreams and visions. Your business may be small in the numbers of employees compared to a large organization – but it can be as least as mighty and be a giant in terms of its voice and influence. As you grow, consistent alignment with your foundational values builds trust within your workplace, and how you are seen by your customers/clients and the public at large. Trust is sacred, and once broken is difficult if not impossible to get back.


Have you ever thought about after you’ve passed away what people will say about you at your memorial or funeral? How do you want to be remembered by others? What do you want your legacy to be? Are you living a life now that exemplifies the legacy you wish to leave? (your energy that goes beyond time and space). You may have heard the expression, "lead by example." What example do you lead by? How do you want your company to be seen in the community, and beyond? Values and goals must be transparent to walk your talk. Integrity is not a fraction or percentage. Reputation matters - and when trust is broken, it may be impossible to get it back.

Advisory & Guidance Services

Crafting or Upgrading Your

Code of Ethical, Equitable and Harmonious Workplace Conduct 

Whether you are a New/Start Up or an Existing Business I will help you craft a Code that fits your
unique needs, and incorporates the following essentials as required:

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> How to Use A Code of Conduct 

> Who Must Follow Your Code of Conduct 

Your Company’s Responsibilities

The Workplace Culture You Craft vs. the One You Accept (Macro and Micro)

Reputational Risk
>Safely Speaking Up and Raising Concerns 

>Protection from Retaliation 

>Company-wide Risk Management Practices

>Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Fairness and Equal Opportunity

>Fairness and Equal Opportunity

>Harmonious Teamwork

Workplace Stress Readiness, Responsiveness and Resiliency

>Harassment-free Culture

>Workplace Safety and Physical Security 

>Human and Civil Rights

Environment, Social and Governance Regulation and Reporting

>Protection of Systems and Resources

>Privacy, Data, and Personal Information Protection 

>Confidential and Proprietary Information

>Business Partners and Supplier Relations 

>Conflicts of Interest 

>Gifts and Entertainment 

>Public Communications  

>Social Media Risks and Responsibilities

>Intellectual Property

>Social Responsibility

>Anti-corruption and Bribery 

>Free and Fair Competition

>Political Activity

>Global Trade 

... and more

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