Workplace Behavioral Ethics Training and Advising

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The COVID-19 Global Pandemic unveiled something many people do not want to collectively admit:

many workplace social structures are broken: a reflection of the loss of human interconnectedness.

It's become an untenable situation. If ever the overused term "tipping point" actually applies, it is now. 

Nature is our perennial reminder: change is the only constant in Life.

Even so, individual and cultural behavioral habit change terrifies many, and so they fight it at every possible turn, clinging to what they know, even when it makes them stuck in a bug-ridden, worn out status quo. Denial, defensiveness and justification are all attempts to freeze time and space and put off what needs to change ... until sometimes it becomes too late.

And often the biggest obstacle is obstinate and self-serving individual and group mindsets that 

feel threatened by and resist change, and kicks and screams and fights against it.

"The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings." 

- Albert Schweitzer

The truth is, traditional workplace change management processes often do not holistically address the essential human components of sustainable leadership and workplace cultural change - which doesn't make sense since it's human beings engaging in every change effort. Attachment to known methods (often those requiring expensive certification that are in need of an upgrade themselves) are favored - yet data from a recent study by the NeuroLeadership Institute (NLI) highlights that only a third of employees thought change efforts in their workplace were successful in reaching their intended objectives. The main reason the NLI cited was an inability to prioritize and incorporate effective behavioral habit changes to work synergistically with the proposed upgrades systems and processes. Yet it's a no-brainer that this makes both logical and intuitive sense.

Workplace leadership and culture change cannot evolve on the
outside of us unless it happens inside of us first.

An inner-evolution. Or, as I like to call it, an innerevolution.

Revolutionary transformation can be challenging,

but the alternative of staying stuck is de-evolutionary.

It's well past time to heal what has been broken, and repair what has been damaged:

trust, civility, accountability, character, kindness, humane behavior, 

employee wellbeing, workplace harmony. 

and most of all: ethical leadership and cultural integrity. 

If you can no longer justify clinging to an old, worn-out, bug-ridden, status quo
internal operating system within or without yourself and/or you company,

I invite you to ride the the wind of change that is in the air.


My Promise:
I may 
push buttons, ruffle egos and ask tough questions - yet I will do it with kindness.

I will always be totally honest and never ever say what you want to hear.

I will also make you laugh - because why do it if it's not fun? 
But most importantly, I will guide sustainable learning, growth, and innerevolution
...and I will make it an adventure in building harmony, strengthening character, and facilitating a
leadership and cultural legacy of unbreakable integrity and trust-worthiness.


Workplace Behavioral Ethics,

Code of Conduct Values
Alignment, and Internal

Operating System Upgrades

Is your leadership and/or culture

considered "toxic?" It's time to upgrade your IOS & Code of Conduct. Still doing the same thing & expecting different results is simply ridiculous at this point.


Building a Harmonious &
Integrated Workplace
Culture of Integrity with Psychological Safety +
Social Mindfulness

There is no inclusion without kindness. Due to their paradoxical nature, diversity and unity must be integrated to attain Wholeness within and without.

Calm Woman

Workplace Stress Readiness, Responsiveness & Resiliency Skills & Tools: Preventing Ethical Risks & Adapting to Change

Individual and Organizational Awareness + Actions:  Be Prepared before the next Change or Crisis. Lead the Change and support Whole Person workplace wellbeing, 
collective learning and growth.