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Workplace Behavioral Ethics Training and Advising


The COVID-19 Global Pandemic unveiled something many people do not want to collectively admit:

many workplace social structures are broken: a reflection of the loss of human interconnectedness.

It's become an untenable situation. Many workplace cultures are adversely impacting the health of their employees,
and in 2022 the term "toxic workplaces" was listed as the main reason for "The Great Resignation."  
If ever the overused term "tipping point" actually applies, it is now. 

The good news is that sustainable wellness, behavioral habit change, and in-demand transferable employee skills knowledge-building and educational programs are not only becoming more popular in workplaces, they are becoming mandatory to acquire and keep the best talent.  "Checking the box" is no longer acceptable as everyone wants engaging, continuous, actionable, and sustainable learning opportunities. 

Ethical leadership and codes of ethical, humane conduct are at the top of the list for new hires.  
Inclusive, psychologically safe workplace cultures are being insisted upon by younger employees,
and welcomed as long-needed changes by seasoned ones who've suffered in silence for too long.

Why throw more money and time into doing the same-old, same-old, but expecting different results?


To counter resistance to and fear of growth and change, my training approach is always “serious fun.”
I’m totally honest yet kind and never tell people just what they want to hear, yet I will make everyone laugh -
because why spend time in courses that are boring 

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